Why Advertisers Should Work With Production Companies…Even For Their Lower Budget Content Needs

With advertisers’ need for content increasing seemingly by the minute, the pressure is on for agencies to find good, fast, and often times, inexpensive content producers to satisfy their clients’ needs.

Web outlets are filled with independent content producers who are talented, have viral appeal, and who seemingly fit the bill. So finding someone who can satisfy the creative and logistical aims of these kinds of projects is normally not a problem these days.

What can be overlooked in situations like this, however, is the experience and knowledge that production companies bring to bear on projects, specifically regarding legal issues related to producing this kind of work.

Does filming this require a release? Is the release sufficiently written, or could you drive a truck through the holes in it? What kind of insurance is needed for this shot, and how much?

These are the kinds of questions that production companies address when prepping a project, in order to address legal liabilities that are inherent in filmed work, and minimize (or eliminate) risk to all parties.

In the case of lower budget projects that are possibly intended for social networking outlets and the like, it may seem less formal, compared to broadcast work. However, while the legal nature and/or needs may change based on the medium, there are still legal liabilities that need to be addressed for the ultimate success of the project.

This is why partnering with production companies for this kind of work is beneficial for agencies.

The digitally savvy companies also understand the convergence of media, and the expanded spectrum of budgets. So, while a lower budget might create a certain hesitation to approach a production company, they might be more receptive than you think.